Top Best Beginner Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drums have become very popular in the modern music industry. The increased number of companies manufacturing these drums is a clear indicator of the demand in the world. Electronic drums are preferred over the acoustic drums by most beginners. If you want to purchase a set of electronic drums worry no more because you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the best electronic drum sets for beginners. For more ideas visit here.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Set

The five pieceset comes at a very low price making it ideal for average income earners. It does not make sense to waste you hard earned cash on any other product when you can acquire this one cheaply. The set contains 100 drum, tom sounds and cymbal for high quality sounds. In addition, you will find a USB-MIDI that can be used to send important MIDI data to your virtual instrument when in use. You can take advantage of the same to play as well as record some of your favorite tunes.

The good

  • Over 108 custom sounds
  • Affordable
  • Durable set

The bad

  • Firmware related issues
  • Does not have a seat

Ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit

The Ddrum is yet another set that rarely disappoints when it comes to quality music. The set includes three toms, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, hi-hat, snare, kick drum, DD1M module as well as an auxiliary input. In addition, you will also find 20 preset kits and around fifty preset songs for you to get started. The price and design of this product have made it a household name among many musicians in different parts of the nation.

The good

  • Wonderful pad feedback
  • red color
  • highly compatible with the double bass pedal

The bad

  • Poor pads

Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit

If you have never touched a drum set then you can bet on this brand. The set is compact and durable making it better than most of the brands on the market. The kit includes two cymbals, snare, hi-hat, three toms as well as bass drum. The set offers you with the value of your money.

The good

  • Compact design
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable set

The bad

  • Defective pads
  • Poor sensitivity

Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K 10-Inch Set

Yamaha is among the leading brands when it comes to making of drum sets. The set offers you with endless options. The 10 inches cymbals are considered big enough for your use.
The good

  • Wide range of sounds
  • Compact design
  • Moderately priced

The bad

  • Quiet drum bass
  • No bass pad

Alesis DM10X Kit Premium Six-Piece Set

Although this set is considered expensive it offers the value of its money. The drum set is durable hence you will not dig deeper into your pocket in order to acquire another set any soon. The excellent feedback as well as bounce makes this brand worth purchasing.

The good

  • Top quality
  • Durable

The bad

  • Dull color

In conclusion, electronic drum sets are easy to play than the acoustic drums set. Beginners looking for the best electronic drums sets have a wide range of choices. You can look at the features that accompany different products on the market to select the best.


Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Do you want to buy an acoustic guitar? There are different brands of acoustic guitars on the market, which has made it tough to select the best product. You have consider various things before buying an acoustic guitar. Some of the aspects to consider before you buy an accoustic guitar include the price, design, weight and color among others. Armed with these factors, you can find better products online as compared to the local stores. Here are the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars for Starters

  1. Epiphone Hummingbird Pro: Epiphone is a household name when it comes to the manufacturing of acoustic guitars and this product is not any different. The entry level guitar boasts of many desirable features that will make you fall in love with it even more. It features with a slim neck and bridge made from wood. The rosewood fretboard provided on the device has 20 frets. In terms of weight, the device is 5 pounds only and has been designed with a faded cherry color making it attractive. The preamp system of the guitar makes it possible to connect to a PA or amp.
  2. Yamaha FG730S: Yamaha is another popular manufacture of high quality guitars. Yamaha FG730S features a dreadnought body shape as well as solid spruce top that has been laminated with rose on both sides. It has an average weight of 1.9 kgs making it easy to move with from one place to another. The six bridge pins enables for the holding of the strings. If you want a beautiful and lightweight guitar that you can take with you to every place you go then you can never go wrong with this product.
  3. Takamine G Series Dreadnought Solid Top: The Takamine series Guitar has a dreadnought solid top and solid body that makes it to stand out from other low quality products on the market. The sound of the guitar is nice and has warm tones. It comes with two colors namely black and natural. This allows you to select the color that suits your taste and preference. The simple design makes it a perfect choice for beginners.
  4. Taylor Baby Taylor: The guitar has combined spruce top and great sound to make it unique. It also boasts of upper frequency response as well as mid range sounds. The ebony brigde of the guitar features six bridges that help to hold its strings in place perfectly.
  5. Washburn WD 10SCE: Washburn guitar has laminated mahogany sides and neck. It weights around 5 pounds for easy transfer the same. It has been designed with a natural color, pronounced mid and high level of frequencies.

In conclusion, if you have been looking for a high quality guitar then you should check online for better deals over the same. There are different brands that design acoustic guitars for beginners. For optimal jamming, you may want to find yourself a small guitar amp. It is wise to compare various brands to make an informed decision in the long run. Some of the top brands included Yamaha, Washburn and Epiphone among others. In case you are not sure of the right product simply pick any of these brands.